5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Winter Tire for Your Car

It’s almost October 1st, and if you live in British Columbia, you know that it’s time to install winter tires on your car. Winter tires come in many shapes and sizes so how do you pick the right one? We’ve listed a few tips below to make your decision a little easier.


1. Take Note of Your Tire Size

Best Practice

When it comes to winter tires, the best practice is to purchase a similar size to your summer and all-season tires. Check your owner’s manual or the sidewall of your current tires to find out which size you need.


There are some who choose to downsize when purchasing winter tires. This is an option as well. The advantage of downsizing your winter tire is that the narrower tire allows for better traction on the road. Not to mention the cost for smaller tires will usually be less.

Winter Tires


2. Know Your Road Conditions and Driving Habits

The type of winter tire you choose greatly depends on where you are driving and how you are driving. Will you use your car as a daily driver to work in the city? Are you using your car to cross the highway for deliveries? Will you be taking your car up the mountain for some snow sports all season long? It is important to note your lifestyle as that will determine which type of winter tire you should be purchasing.

Winter Road


3. Research The Types of Winter Tires

Ice Tires vs. Snow Tires

If you are mostly driving within urban communities where the snow gets slushy, snow tires get a better grip. If you are driving more on highways where roads tend to get iced over, ice tires are your best bet.

Studded vs. Non-Studded Tires

There is also the choice of studded vs. non-studded tires. Non-studded tires are best for everyday driving on slushy snow as the surface allows the tires to easily cut through snow and grip the road. Studded tires are best for icy and tightly packed snow as they can break through the ice and provide better traction when driving. One thing to note is that studded tires are not ideal for normal roads as they can damage the pavement.


4. Purchase Identical Tires

To save money people sometimes tend to only replace 2 tires or buy anything they can get second-hand. While there is no problem with buying used tires, it is very important to give them all a good check as using uneven or mismatched tires will prematurely damage your car. This can also be a danger for you and those who share the road since it may lead to poor handling.

Winter Driving


5. Watch Out for Promotions and Rebates

During this season, almost all our dealerships are offering winter tire specials such as rebates, discounted tire storage, and more! Now is the time to check in with your local OpenRoad dealership and see what tire specials they have available for you. You might just score a great deal!

For more information on winter tires and tire rebates or promotions, please contact any OpenRoad dealership today.

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