BMW reveals trio of new M vehicles

2016 BMW M4 GTS rear
BMW improves on an already winning recipe with the impending release of the 2016 M4 GTS. 

It’s not even November yet and BMW has already announced that three new M vehicles will be joining their lineup in the near future. The additions represent different takes on existing models, like the M4 GTS, as well as a fresh creation in the M2. This should be exciting news for everyone from compact sports car enthusiasts to those who like a little more punch with their crossovers.

2016 BMW M4 GTS side


The M4, which replaced the two-door M3 a couple of years back, has proven itself as a quick and no-nonsense high performance luxury coupe. The three extra letters gives the vehicle an extra kick in the pants through the introduction of a power-increasing water injection system. Horsepower grows by 16 per cent over the regular M4 to 493, and torque by 10 per cent to 442 lb-ft. Other modifications include three-way adjustable suspension, weight reduction and unique body aero. Available spring 2016 in limited numbers.

BMW X4 M40i

BMW X4 M40i

The X4 Sports Activity Coupe (SAC), gets an M-powered makeover that is more than just skin-deep. This SAC features BMW’s brand new 3.0-litre TwinPower turbocharged six-cylinder engine that produces 355 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque. The outside gets exclusive Ferric Grey metallic accenting with optional matching 20-inch alloy wheels, and quad exhaust pipes finished in Black Chrome. Inside, there are unique door sills and a leather steering wheel with paddle shifters to control the STEPTRONIC eight-speed automatic transmission. Available February 2016.

BMW M2 front


Not to be confused with the M235i, the BMW M2 is the beefier heir of the old 1 M Coupe. Rear-wheel-driven by another version of the 3.0-litre TwinPower Turbo powerplant, the M2 boasts significantly improved stats compared to its predecessor: 365 hp, up to 369 lb-ft of torque, and a 0 to 100 km/h time of 4.3 seconds. That last number is ever-so-slightly slower, 4.5 seconds, if the driver is using the standard 6-speed manual rather than the seven-speed double clutch transmission. Plan on taking the M2 to the track? An M Dynamic Mode modulates engine power, braking and traction to allow controlled drifts around corners. Available spring 2016.

BMW M2 rear

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