Can I Use My All-Season Tires for Winter?

One of the most commonly asked questions during this time of the year is whether or not you can keep using your all-season tires for the winter season. Different types of tires are built for specific conditions. It is important to familiarize yourself with the difference between each and how using the right tire for the right season makes a big difference in the safety of your vehicle.

All-Season vs Winter Tire

What’s the Difference?

Most cars these days come standard with all-season tires. Some tire manufacturers dub these as “3-season” tires instead as they are perfect for milder temperatures such as spring, summer, and fall. Temperatures above 7° C are well suited for driving around with all-season tires. The tread on these tires is fine and small as they are designed to provide grip for the warmer weather. The finer tread on these provides a longer and more durable tread life for everyday driving. However, the finer tread on these also means that snow and slush can easily clog it making for a slippery surface while driving. Thus, they lack the traction needed for driving in the snow or in icy conditions.

Winter tires are built for harsh snow and icy roads. When temperatures drop below 7° C, it is highly advisable to switch over to winter tires. The tread on these kinds of tires is thick and blocky with sipes (grooves within the tread to improve grip) that won’t clog in the snow and slush. This creates a more reliable grip in harsher climates.

Winter Tire

In Conclusion

“So can I use my all-season tires for winter?” The simple answer is that all-season tires will not provide the grip necessary to drive in colder temperature conditions. When temperatures drop, driving conditions change. You wouldn’t hike up a snowy mountain in slippers, would you? You would wear the appropriate hiking boots for warmth and traction. The same can be said about driving in snowy conditions. Using the appropriate tire for the season is important. You are not only keeping yourself and your car safe but others around you as well.


More Winter Tire Tips

If you are hesitant to purchase winter tires of your own because of the lack of storage, we’re here to help. Our dealerships offer a no hassle and low-cost tire storage solution so you don’t have to compromise space over safety. Our dealerships currently have many winter special offers as well that include tire rebates and discounted rates on installation. To learn more about tires, tire storage, or installation, contact any of our OpenRoad dealerships today.

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