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Here’s your chance to book your 2016 TT tee time with OpenRoad Audi Vancouver.

It’s not often that I get to feel cool these days. As a working mother of three, I’m lucky if I get to take a trip to Costco for a free sample of cheese.

Ok, it’s not really that bad but it’s rare that I get a chance to spend the day alone with my husband, let alone take a scenic day trip up the Sea to Sky Highway in a wicked new sports car.

So the opportunity to drive the all-new 2016 Audi TT Coupe and tee off at Furry Creek Golf Course near Squamish was one I absolutely couldn’t miss. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Audi. I love their sleek modern design, the powerful performance of so many of their models, and their attention to detail in their interiors, so I was very eager to try out this amped up third-generation TT.

Our trip started off at OpenRoad Audi Vancouver where we scored the keys of a white TT S Coupe. After swooning over the sleek, edgy exterior, I noticed that the exterior styling seems slightly less cute than previous models and a bit more “hot” to put it bluntly.  More like Ryan Reynolds versus Justin Bieber, if you know what I mean. Or as my husband would say, more like Angelina Jolie (unless you’re on Team Aniston).

The ultra-sleek interior did not disappoint either. Audi’s new virtual cockpit comes standard with a brilliant 3D display located directly in front of the driver and controlled by a series of switches on the steering wheel leaving most of the dash clutter-free and very minimalistic. And very cool.

I should also mention that, unlike the convertible TT coming out next year, there are two small back seats in the TT Coupe which are large enough for – dare I say, kids – but I’d rather not ruin my TT buzz by talking about that! The trunk is even spacious enough for the essentials and fit my husband’s golf clubs nicely – with even more room for my extra bags when we put the back seat down.  

Upon ignition of the 292 hp engine and few test revs to feel it out, I was psyched to hit the road. With the rear spoiler up and Sirius satellite radio tuned into the chill station, I was beginning to feel my coolness factor rise a degree or two.  Yup, this was going to be a fun drive! 

Within no time we had crossed the Iron Worker’s Bridge and were cruising at a nice  pace headed up the Upper Levels towards Horseshoe Bay – And that’s when the magic happened…..

We switched into dynamic drive mode for some extra power and felt that thrill of that exciting torque and speed that everyone craves in a sports car. (all within the speed limits, of course.) Unfortunately, that’s also when my husband asked for a turn in the driver’s seat. But it wasn’t long until I was back at the helm tackling the rest of the twists and turns along the spectacular Sea the Sky Highway. 

The rest of the trip was amazing. The sightseeing was incredible, Furry Creek Golf and Country Club was stunning, and lunch at the clubhouse was delicious.

And best of all, I filled my cool quota for a while – or at least until the 2016 Audi TT Roadster comes out next year. Then I’ll be back for another spin.

Top Tips for the optimal day trip in an Audi TT Coupe

  • Program your navigation: Furry Creek is pretty easy to find but it’s cool to watch the virtual cockpit perform at full function. The display is brilliant and beautiful to watch but don’t get distracted and miss the real ocean side drive!
  • Dress the part: This is a sporty car and you’ll be on a sporty adventure so make sure you dress the part.  Ditch the flip flops and wear your golf shoes and be sure to pack some extra clothes just in case you want to take a detour. Also, bring your sunglasses. That reflection off the ocean can be blinding!
  • Pace yourself: With the open road (no pun intended) it can be really tempting to put the pedal to the medal but the speed limits are strictly enforced on the Sea to Sky Highway.  Test the power of the engine but pace yourself and enjoy the view. There’s no reason to rush through this wonderful day trip.
  • Make a playlist: Take advantage of Audi’s incredible Bang & Olufsen stereo which comes standard with all models. Whether you’re using the complimentary Sirius Satellite radio service, your own Bluetooth compatible device, or streaming from your favourite music app (the Audi TT is a moving hotspot), this vehicle begs for deep bass and electronic tunes.
  • Make a pitstop (or two): With so many sightseeing locations along the Sea to Sky Highways and communities like Horseshoe Bay and Lions Bay, it’s worth making a detour to see a few extra sites.
  • Bring your camera and take lots of selfies: Here’s your chance to show off your amazing day to your friends, and when you do, we’d sure appreciate if you could tag @OpenRoadAudi and @OpenRoadCA!


Win a day in an all-new 2016 Audi TT and a $300 gift certificate to use at Furry Creek Golf Course – enough for two rounds of golf and dinner, all courtesy of OpenRoad Audi Vancouver. Enter by completing the form below and don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter for bonus entries! The winner will selected on September 11, 2015. 

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