Cool cars of 2014: our favourites from last year

2015 bmw i8 charging

That’s it, folks! As we head into the New Year, let’s take a moment to reflect back at some notable cars that were made available in 2014. From redesigns of tried-and-true models like the Honda Fit to brand new offerings such as the BMW i8, there was truly something for everyone this past year. These are a few of our personal favourites.

2015 Honda Fit

2015 honda fit

Dollar-for-dollar, it’s hard to compete with the Honda Fit when it comes to factors like practicality and fun driving dynamics. Receiving a complete overhaul, the 2015 Fit receives a slightly more powerful engine (130 horsepower vs. 117), better fuel economy (7.0 L/100 km city, 5.7 highway) more legroom, and a rear “Magic Seat” that, when folded down, yields a humongous 1,492 litres of storage capacity.

2015 Volkswagen GTI

2015 volkswagen gti

Moving up the hatchback ladder is Volkswagen’s latest evolution of the iconic hot hatch, which has now reached its eighth generation. The quickest and most powerful GTI yet, they’ve managed to squeeze 210 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque out of a 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder powerplant. The interior is one of the best parts of the car featuring plenty of red stitching and a flat-bottomed steering wheel.

2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan

2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan

The Korean manufacture’s sports sedan makes this list due to its production of an all-new four-door Hyundai Genesis. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it can also be had with a tweaked version of its massive 5.0 L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) V8 engine making 420 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. All Genesis sedans also come with the new HTRAC active all-wheel drive system as standard.

2015 Porsche Cayenne

2015 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

Porsche hasn’t messed too much with the Porsche Cayenne too much since its inception in the early 2000s, and that’s probably a good thing given the popularity of the mid-size SUV. The company did release a hybrid variant in late 2014, however, that utilizes both a supercharged 333 hp, 3.0 L V6 engine and a 95 hp electric motor, mated to an eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

2015 BMW i8

Simply put, there is nothing else quite like the BMW i8 plugin hybrid sports car currently on the road today. Yes, there are other so-called sports hybrids in existence, but few can match its combination of mind-boggingly futuristic good looks, prolific use of carbon fibre construction, and uncompromising fuel economy and performance. Good luck actually getting your hands on one, though!

Posted by Benjamin Yong

Benjamin Yong is a freelance journalist and communications professional living in Richmond, B.C. He is often found writing about cars and the auto industry, amongst other things, or driving around in his work-in-progress 1990 Mazda MX-5. Twitter: @b_yong Instagram: @popuplights