How to rainproof your vehicle inside and out

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Greater Vancouver doesn’t get the endearing nickname “Raincouver” for nothing. The constant showers aren’t going away anytime soon, and to get you through the wet season here are four ways to rainproof your vehicle inside and out.

bmw x3 all weather floor mats

All-weather floor mats

Nothing ruins nice, plush carpeted mats like tracking in mud and leaves from outside. All-weather floor mats, on the other hand, are made out of heavy-duty rubber with deep channels and grooves to trap all the nasty stuff so it doesn’t spill out onto the rest of the interior. They often feature non-slip backing as well or have a built-in anchoring system so as to not move around during driving. Visit the OpenRoad parts department to order a model-specific set providing a perfect fit.

audi a8 cargo tray

Cargo trays

The storage areas of our cars can really take a beating whether it’s from housing freshly-used winter recreational equipment or soaked jackets and umbrellas. As with all-weather mats, cargo trays are made out of a durable water-resistant material and specially moulded to exactly cover the entire floor. This one designed for an Audi A5 also has a textured surface to keep items from sliding around.

mother's carnauba cleaner wax

Car wax

The ultimate weapon against falling water, a good coat of wax will do wonders to keep your vehicle looking cleaner, longer. Other benefits include making it more difficult for dirt and grime to stick, resulting in an easier time when washing, and a brilliant and deep shine afterwards. Coming in both synthetic and natural varieties, we’re partial to the latter; California detailing company Mother’s carries an example made from the Brazilian carnauba plant, and is available in both liquid and paste application.

crystaltech nano windshield protector

Windshield protectant

Kind of like wax for the windshield, liquid protectant leaves an invisible repellant layer on the glass that causes rain to bead and roll right of the windshield. That means drivers are less reliant on wipers for visibility during a heavy downpour, and when used, they work better thanks to reduced friction. Rain-X is an industry favourite, but companies such as Crystaltech Nano offer a similar product.

Posted by Benjamin Yong

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