Integrated GoPro Control – Coming soon to a BMW and MINI near you

There is good news for those of you who own a BMW and a GoPro Hero Camera.

Designed specifically to reduce driver distraction, BMW’s technology division and GoPro have announced the first-ever mass-produced integration of a car’s on-board infotainment system and a GoPro camera.

Starting in July 2014, all BMW and MINI vehicles equipped with the BMW Apps or MINI Connected option will have the ability to configure and control a Wi-FI enabled GoPro camera via the iDrive controller and the vehicle’s high-resolution screen.

How it works

First, the user’s BMW or MINI vehicle must be equipped with the BMW Apps or MINI Connected option, respectively. Next, the user’s Wi-Fi-equipped GoPro camera (HERO3+ and later) communicates with the GoPro App installed on the driver’s iPhone 4 or later. The iPhone must be connected to the vehicle either through the iPhone USB cable or the BMW Accessory snap-in adaptor.

The driver can then access the app through the BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected menu, which is displayed on the vehicle’s infotainment screen.

What can it be controlled?

BMW has worked with GoPro to further streamline the camera’s operating menu when accessed through the iDrive controller. Menu choices will appear to the left of the vehicle’s screen and the camera’s actual live view will be displayed in near real-time while the vehicle is stationary.
In addition to aiming the camera using BMW’s or MINI’s large central screen, users will be able to quickly choose between six pre-set camera modes:

  1. Leisure Drive Facing Out
  2. Night Driving
  3. Sport Drive Facing Out
  4. Drive Camera Facing In
  5. Winding Road Time-lapse
  6. Straight Road Time-lapse

The camera’s RECORD function can also be started and stopped by the driver at will, and vital camera status indicators are displayed, including recording elapsed time, battery life, and Wi-Fi signal strength.

The user can also toggle the camera’s SLEEP mode to prolong battery life between shots.

So there you have it, you will soon be able to have both the Ultimate Driving Machine and your very own Ultimate Driving video!

Posted by OpenRoad Auto Group

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