OpenRoad's BMW Langley LEEDs way towards environmental stewardship

OpenRoad BMW Langley showroom
The showroom at the LEED Gold certified OpenRoad BMW Langley. Photos by Benjamin Yong.


OpenRoad’s BMW Langley makes going green look easy with their state-of-the-art dealership that received LEED Gold certification late last year.

Walking into the massive glass-filled facility on Collection Drive that first opened in August 2011, sales manager Ahmed Abou-Shaaban says the abundance of sunlight makes staff and customers alike feel almost immediately happier.

OpenRoad BMW Langley showroom

“To be honest, when you’re working in a glass building on a nice sunny day, you’re getting more Vitamin D and it helps your mindset and mood,” says Abou-Shaaban.

OpenRoad Langley BMW glass offices

To achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status, which ranges from Certified to Platinum, a certain number of points must be achieved in seven different environmentally friendly areas. Among the topics are energy efficiency — for example using natural light to minimize reliance on electricity — material selection and indoor environment quality.

OpenRoad Langley BMW sales manager Ahmed Abou-Shaaban
OpenRoad BMW Langley sales manager Ahmed Abou-Shaaban stands next to the LEED certification placard hanging near the service area.


Everything about the building looks high-tech and modern, from the sensor-equipped lights that remain off until people walk by, to the unique architecture and primarily white colour scheme that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of a BMW museum. The boardroom on the second floor is surrounded by giant floor to ceiling windows, and appears to be floating in the air when you look around you.

OpenRoad Langley BMW glass boardroom

“Clients rave about the size and the design aspect of the building. All together, it’s definitely a wow factor the minute you walk in.”

Abou-Shaaban says achieving LEED Gold is not only good for reducing carbon footprint, but that it alignts with the German manufacturer’s current goals, as well.

“With our brand, we are working towards producing green-friendly vehicles. We just introduced the i3 and i8 and pride ourselves on moving forward and finding ways to minimize emissions. Clients do value that we’re thinking about the next generation, as well.”

Posted by Benjamin Yong

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