Porsche modernizes infotainment with new Porsche Connect system

Porsche Connect devices
The new Porsche Connect infotainment infrastructure allows drivers to interact with their vehicles across many mobile platforms. 

Porsche revealed the redesigned 2017 Panamera in early summer, and shortly followed up with the announcement of its next-generation infotainment system that will find its way into the sports sedan. Dubbed Porsche Connect, it will work with the Porsche Communication Management infrastructure and include features such as enhanced navigation, customizable widgets and a companion app granting access of select vehicle operations via a mobile device.

In a press release, Porsche says, “Drivers are now able to use their time in the car more efficiently and also keep an eye on their Porsche at all times. In a similar way to smartphones and tablets, Porsche Connect is helping to simplify everyday life through mobile technology.”

2017 Porsche Panamera screen

The so-called centerpiece of Porsche Connect is a 12.3-inch high-resolution touch and gesture sensitive display in the new Panamera  — exact configuration differs depending on the model. Users have the option of creating shortcuts to favourite functions, and change what is shown by waving a hand in front of the monitor.

The display also controls the improved GPS, which takes advantage of both Google Earth and Google Street View to provide much more detailed directions. Frequent fliers can bring up flight information to check arrival and departure times, delays, gate and terminal numbers, and even see available spots at nearby parking lots.  

Porsche Car Connect App

The Porsche Car Connect app is free to download in the App Store or on Google Play, and allows locking and unlocking the doors, setting the temperature and checking the mileage, all by remote. To save time, drivers can search up a destination on their phone and then send it directly to the onboard navigation. Additionally, the app can sync calendar appointments and stream music once connected to the vehicle.

A final piece of Porsche Connect is an Internet cloud portal offering owners various handy online management and maintenance services.

To learn more, visit the Porsche Connect website.  

Posted by Benjamin Yong

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