Top five vehicles for dog owners

When shopping for a dog-friendly vehicle, there is a unique set of features you’ll want to look out for. 

If you’re a dog owner, you know your pet can sometime log in almost as much seat time in a car as you do. For the sake of your own convenience and the comfort of your companion, it’s important to choose a vehicle that is set up well for this type of transport situation — for instance, one that has an easy-to-clean interior and a large cargo area is essential. These are five of OpenRoad’s picks.

MINI Cooper S Clubman doors

MINI Cooper S Clubman

It’s almost as though the new Clubman were built specifically with canine lovers in mind. It’s slightly larger than before, providing lots of room inside, and the swing-out rear doors make it very easy to load in a carrier if you’re using one. The sporty low stance is great for those times your dog just wants to hop in unfettered.

BMW X5 rear climate control


Humans love the stylish and upscale X5 crossover SUV, and so do our furry friends thanks to features like automatic rear climate control. Regardless of how warm or cool it is in the front, you can independently set the temperature in the back to something more suitable.

volkswagen touareg panoramic sunroof

Volkswagen Touareg

Whether you have a poodle or beagle, I’m willing to bet they love sticking their heads out the window. Save them the trouble by opening up the Touareg’s optional huge panoramic sunroof to let in all the fresh air and smells from the outside world. If it gets too toasty, close the electric shade to let in the breeze but not the sun.

honda odyssey interior

Honda Odyssey

Big sliding side doors, tinted glass, over 4,000 litres of cargo space behind the front row and a built-in vacuum cleaner? These specs make the Honda Odyssey sound less like a minivan and more like a rolling doggy daycare. Pick up a set of OEM Honda stain-resistant seat covers to keep paw prints at bay.

infiniti qx60 power liftgate

Infiniti QX60

With all-wheel drive and available forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, you can rest assured all passengers onboard will both be safe when the unexpected happens. A power liftgates makes dog entry and exit easier, and the Infiniti Connection concierge can help locate the nearest pet store.  

Posted by Benjamin Yong

Benjamin Yong is a freelance journalist and communications professional living in Richmond, B.C. He is often found writing about cars and the auto industry, amongst other things, or driving around in his work-in-progress 1990 Mazda MX-5. Twitter: @b_yong Instagram: @popuplights