Back-To-School Cars 2013-2014

back-to-school cars

There’s barely a month left ’til classes are back in session, and we all know what that means; a trip to the local department store to stock up on all sorts of supplies and new fashions for the year ahead. But for those students who loathe the idea of being stuck on transit for three to four hours a day, there’s another trip they may want to consider: a trip to their local OpenRoad Auto Group store.

New Cars for Back-To-School

Below are the Top 10 Back-To-School Cars Under $40K (in no particular order) that should strike the fancy of almost any student and get them to their preferred institute of higher learning in style, safety and comfort.

Honda Civic Si

honda civic si

Honda has been working on improving its reputation at producing fun cars. This year’s Civic SI brings some welcome interior trim improvements. As always, the SI comes only with a sweet six-speed manual, so it’s suited for slaphappy students looking to blow off steam on some back roads before that accounting midterm. (MSRP: $26,245)

Scion FR-S

scion fr-s

Dollar for dollar, this is the most fun you can have on four wheels. Urban Planing majors will be inspired to take the long way home in this perfect mix of price and performance. Better yet, just skip class altogether and spend the few remaining weeks of good weather at the track. (MSRP: $26,300)


bmw 1

Driven MBAs can fake it till they make it behind the wheel of this RWD daily driver. German quality and engineering in a no-nonsense package will remind colleagues that you can still go premium while (mostly) sticking to a budget. (MSRP: $36,000)

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

hyundai veloster turbo

Gadget obsessed design students will appreciate the bells and whistles available in the Veloster. The cool 3rd door allows laptop laden bags to be tossed in the back with ease, and a suite of apps let you access your iPod’s music via voice command or even remotely start your car. ($25,999)



Early reviews suggest this is the compact car to beat in 2014 as the folks who brought you “Zoom Zoom” have redesigned their entry level standby to be highly engaging on the road and have supposedly turned human/vehicle interaction design on its head with the integration of a new heads-up display system. Definitely suitable for anyone studying game design. ($15,995)

Audi A3

audi a3

Entry level doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. With a diesel option available, fuel economy on those long commutes to far flung medical residencies becomes less of a concern. All that cargo space leaves plenty of room to stretch out and catch some much needed winks during a 48-hour shift. (MSRP: $34,100)

Toyota Prius C

toyota prius c

The smallest member of the Prius family is perfect for any budding bureaucrat. Industry leading fuel economy from a proven hybrid drivetrain will leave enough juice to travel from office, to office, without having to hit gas station after gas station. The design, while taking cues from its older sibling, is unquestionably geared towards a younger audience. And that jingle… it’s hypnotic. (MSRP: $20,440)

MINI Cooper Clubman

mini cooper clubman

Engineers like to build things. And sometimes a regular car doesn’t have enough space to fit all the necessary tools and gizmos needed to complete a project. Luckily, the Clubman has a pair of rear barn doors which swing wide, to make room for whatever gear or materials may be required to put that finishing touch on that end of semester assignment. (MSRP: $24,950)

Honda Fit

honda fit

Cheap enough for a starving art student, but practical enough for their parents, this little Honda has tons of room on the inside for supplies, and is spry enough to fit into almost any kind of parking space. Fold-down seats are just the thing for making enough space to transport that masterpiece from studio to gallery. ($14,580)

Lexus CT

lexus ct

Luxury and fuel efficiency don’t usually go hand in hand, but the folks at Lexus know that today’s young law students demand creature comforts as well as excellent mileage. A premium multimedia and navigation experience awaits soon to be minted litigators, and optional sport tuning ensures a quick getaway from the library at the end of school year. (MSRP: $31,450)

There you have it, folks – ten cars for ten types of students, chosen for their quality, practicality and price. While not all are considered “economy cars”, all of them offer above-average value and performance for their respective ranges. You may compare versus other new cars. Luckily for students, there are College Graduate Programs for exclusive student savings.

Now while driving to school may not be an option for everyone, those who need reliable, stylish transport on the way to and from campus will find what they need, with the help of their friendly neighborhood OpenRoad representative.

Used Cars for Back-To-School

Pre-Owned vehicles, through some compromise, are a more affordable alternative for students. There are many other benefits to why buying a used car is favourable, such as coming with warranties through being OpenRoad Certified and Manufacturer Certifed. Additionally, factors such as reliability, safety, and interest rates often vary less than many think compared to new cars.

If you already have a vehicle, you can search the trade value of your car for cars.

OpenRoad Auto Group offers a wide array of used cars and trucks at its many stores.

Car Maintenance for Back-To-School

To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is important to take care of your new car or truck. Here are a few preventative measures:

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