How To Drive Safely In Fog

Driving can be difficult under thick fog conditions and cause safety concerns for yourself, your family, and other drivers. Be sure to follow some quick tips we have compiled to drive safely in fog.

Drive Safely In Fog Tips

  •  Drive with lights on low beam. High beams actually reflect off the fog and make it more difficult for visibility. If your car has fog lights, use those.
  •  Reduce speed because fog distorts your actual speed, making it seem you are driving slower than you are.
  •  Turn off any music and open your window so you can better listen to traffic which you can’t see.
  •  Use wipers and defrosters to increase visibility.
  •  Use braking and turning lights for a longer time period. This makes you more visible to drivers around you.
  •  Drive with extra care. Allow more distance between vehicles and be careful if you need to change lanes. Use the painted road markings, especially the right edge of the road, as a guide.
  •  If your vehicle stalls, park it on the side of the road, turn all your lights off, and move away from your vehicle. Drivers behind you may mistake your lights for the driving lane which can cause mass confusion.

Be sure to follow the tips above to drive safely in fog!

Photo: John Biehler

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