Car Subscription vs. Leasing a Car

We get a lot of questions regarding OpenRoad’s car subscription service, Portfolio by OpenRoad. Read on to learn about how a car subscription differs from leasing a vehicle.


Let’s start with the biggest difference, which is the flexibility you receive when choosing a car subscription over leasing. When you lease a vehicle, you are bound to a long-term contract of 3-4 years on average. The lease contract may include fees or penalties if you decide to terminate your contract early or go over your allotted mileage allowance. You’re also restricted to a single vehicle for the duration of your contract.

With a car subscription, you can flip between models to ensure you have the vehicle that best matches your lifestyle with access to a fleet of multiple models across 9 luxury brands. You’ll also have a generous monthly kilometre allotment that refreshes every month rather than annually. And rather than being bound to a long-term lease contract, car subscriptions are month-to-month agreements and can be paused at any time. If you’re travelling for business, you no longer need to pay for a vehicle you’re not using. Car subscriptions are a fully flexible experience.


When compared to traditional leasing, car subscriptions are incredibly convenient. Along with the ability to change your vehicle multiple times a month, you also have access to a personal concierge who will deliver the vehicle directly to you at home, at work, or anywhere in between. Each vehicle arrives clean inside and out and has a full tank gas. Also, with insurance already included in the monthly fee, you won’t have to worry about re-insuring your car every year, it’s already covered. Lastly, you’ll never need to worry about vehicle service or repairs again, your car subscription keeps the fleet of vehicles in top shape. 

Cars are constantly evolving and the way you own them should too. Subscribe today with Portfolio by OpenRoad, and experience truly all-inclusive luxury.

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