Coming Together: The BMW Store Donates All-Electric BMW iX To The 25th Annual for Children We Care Gala

On May 29, 2022, OpenRoad Auto Group (OpenRoad) joined 615 fellow community, business, and philanthropic leaders to support BC Children’s Foundation’s 25th Annual For Children We Care Gala. The evening was a huge success – more than $6 million was raised for the hospital’s orthopedic department, with $220,000 from an exclusive live auction featuring OpenRoad and The BMW Store’s 2023 BMW iX xDrive40.

Best Hardtop Convertibles in 2019

2019 BMW 4 Series Convertible

What’s better in the spring and summer months than cruising along one of the Lower Mainland’s great roads, sans top? The only caveat is the amount of rainfall we get — that’s where hardtop convertibles come in. Roof down for wind in your hair; up and it’s like you’re riding in any other vehicle. Here are three of OpenRoad’s favourite examples.

2019 Mercedes-Benz SLC front

2019 Mercedes-Benz SLC

This SLK-successor has already been around for a little bit but the luxury roadster is still as good as ever. The electrohydraulic vario-roof can be closed in approximately 20 seconds, even while the car is moving at speeds of up to 40 km/h hour. There’s also a panoramic glass option with MAGIC SKY CONTROL allowing the unit to be lightened or darkened via a simple button press.

2019 mercedes-benz slc top view

There are two flavours of the SLC: the 300, which has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine under the hood, and the AMG 43 boasting a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 producing 362 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque. Both are mated to 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission.

2019 mazda mx-5 rf side

2019 Mazda MX-5 RF

The fourth generation Mazda MX-5 debuted in 2016 to great fanfare, enthusiasts hungry for another rear-wheel drive, open-air product from the Japanese manufacturer. One year later, the RF arrived, providing the same fun only with the addition of a power retractable hardtop. When closed, the PHRT lends the vehicle a stunning fastback look. In the stowed position, cargo capacity remains the same as the standard variant.

2019 mazda mx-5 rf rear

Powertrain specs are unchanged as well, consisting of a 155-horsepower 2.0-litre SKYACTIV-G four cylinder mated to either a SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic.

2019 bmw 4 series convertible front

2019 BMW 4 Series Convertible

Featuring a three-piece hardtop with full noise-absorbing headliner and integrated LED lighting, BMW has ensured the convertible version of the 4 Series is no less luxurious than any other model. The absence of a B pillar creates a clean silhouette, and a standard load/unload assistance function pivots the folded roof in the trunk upwards if extra storage is required.

2019 bmw 4 series convertible power top

Buyers have the choice of BMW TwinPower Turbo motors, one a 2.0-litre four cylinder, the other a 3.0-litre straight six. Protip: bundle in the M Performance Power & Sound Kit that includes a high-flow valve controlled exhaust generating aural bliss at full throttle in Sport and Sport+ dynamic driving modes.

APEX X7: The BMW Store Launch Event

New heights were reached at The BMW Store Vancouver with the APEX X7 event in April. Launching the first-ever BMW X7 called for hosting over 200 guests for the unveiling of the entirely new addition to the BMW lineup.

The BMW Store APEX X7 Launch Event

The BMW Store APEX X7

2019 BMW Z4

2019 BMW Z4

2019 BMW 8 Series

2019 BMW 8 Series

2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW 3 Series

2019 BMW 3 Series

Guests enjoyed an event that paid tribute to the spectacular British Columbia landscape BMW vehicles were made for. The exquisite West Coast menu featured a gourmet poutine bar and Temari sushi station along with an assortment of passed canapés. Drinks from Fernie Brewing Company and Moraine Winery were served, bringing the best tastes in BC to guests. The natural plant wall served as the perfect backdrop for souvenir photos as DJ Neky the Kid spun the night’s playlist.

Temari Sushi

Temari Sushi

Gourmet Poutine Bar

The luxury sports SUV was unveiled to the crowd along with several newly updated 2019 models in the BMW lineup, including the adrenalin-charged Z4, the thrilling 850 Cabriolet and the next-generation 3 Series. All the new models were on display and unlocked for guests to personally experience in the showroom.

The BMW X7 marks the apex of BMW luxury, adding an innovative and capable new model as well as a progressive approach to luxury for the BMW brand.

BMW eDrive Explained

The BMW eDrive system architecture.

The BMW eDrive system architecture.

You’ve seen the logo on the various electrified vehicles offered in BMW’s current lineup: eDrive. What exactly does it mean, and how does it work? We’re going to find out in today’s blog post.

Three components

eDrive is the new drive technology found in all BMW i models and plug-in hybrids, and is essentially comprised of an electric motor, high-voltage lithium-ion battery and an intelligent energy management system.

The electric motor is what allows for complete zero-emissions driving — for example, the X5 xDrive40e is capable of travelling up to 30 kilometres without using any fuel — or in certain situations, provide a boost to acceleration.

All eDrive-equipped vehicles rely on a special performance li-ion battery to store energy, and utilize a built-in cooling device to constantly keep the unit at the ideal operating temperature, helping increase output and maintain service life.

bmw e drive 2

Intelligent energy management guarantees that everything is running as efficiently and optimally as possible. It partially does so via a predictive strategy, such as using navigation data to determine at which point during the route to switch over to pure electric propulsion, or when to start the charging process. Another facet is regenerative braking, transferring the kinetic energy created from braking into the battery.

Different modes

Although the hybrids possess TwinPower Turbo internal combustion engines (ICE), they feature a MAX eDRIVE button that forces the vehicle to use electricity at speeds of 120 km/h and under, although the ICE will kick in under heavy load or if the throttle is wide open. The SAVE BATTERY function, on the other hand, ensures the battery’s charge state is maintained so fuel-free motoring may be enjoyed at a later time — useful on the highway. Pop the transmission lever into S, and the ICE immediately kicks in and stays on for those times when instant power is required.

eDrive is currently offered on several BMW cars and SUVs, including the 330e, 530e and the above mentioned X5 xDrive40e.

Want to learn more? Speak to a BMW Sales Executive today at BMW Langley or The BMW Store!

bmw e drive 3

Beijing Auto Show 2018 gets electrified


With over 200 million cars on the road in China, it is represents the largest auto market in the world. Unsurprisingly as a result, greenhouse gas emissions are a major issue. At the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, vehicle manufacturers tried to offer up solutions in the form of fresh hybrid and electric options. We take a look at three of them in today’s blog post.

BMW Concept iX3 front

BMW Concept iX3

Recently, BMW has really ramped up its plug-in portfolio, offering models like the 330e, 530e, X5 Xdrive40e and, of course, the i3 and i8. In China, the company announced its first zero-emissions SUV: the Concept iX3, which introduces the fifth generation of eDrive technology. The 270-horsepower electric motor, transmission and electronics are all bundled in a separate compartment to optimize weight, performance and space.

BMW Concept iX3

The crossover wears a reinterpreted and sealed kidney grille, and unlike other concepts, looks remarkably road ready. A high-voltage battery yields an estimated driving range of more than 400 kilometres.

Honda Everus

Honda Everus EV Concept

Looking a little like an HR-V from another world, this concept teases the first mass-production EV by Honda for Chinese consumption. No specs have been released, but the car is expected to land in dealerships before the end of the year. The automaker has also revealed car-sharing plans for the Everus through a partnership with China-based business Reachstar.

Toyota Corolla PHEV

Toyota Corolla PHEV

A plug-in version of the Corolla is bound for the PRC in the near future, part of Toyota’s bid to have 10 new electrified on sale there before 2021 — the Prius, Corolla Hybrid and six other hybrid Lexus vehicles are currently already available. The PHEV sedan can travel approximately 50 kilometres off the battery alone, and is rumoured to utilize a 1.8-litre gasoline engine for additional assistance.