Shopping for a car? Save big with an OpenRoad Demo Special

OpenRoad Auto Group Demo Special
OpenRoad Demo Special vehicles come with a complete service history and balance of the original manufacturer warranty.

How does buying a current model year vehicle from the dealership with substantial savings automatically built-in sound? Then consider an OpenRoad Demo Special (ODS) when shopping for a car.

As the name implies, these are former service loaner and company executive vehicles that are in like-new condition. We spoke to Ahmed Abou-Shaaban, general sales manager at BMW Langley, who says anything sold under the ODS banner at their store has been meticulously reconditioned.

BMW Langley

“There’s an inspection checklist that we go through ensuring not only that the car is obviously up to safety standards, but cosmetically appealing as well. So if there’s any curbed rims, bumper rash or blemishes of that sort, the items are all addressed before it’s turned back to the sales department for us to display and sell,” said Abou-Shaaban.

In order to qualify, the product must have less than 14,000 kilometres on them. Each dealer varies slightly — at BMW Langley for instance, the former demos are put up for sale after a maximum of 8,000 kilometres is reached. The exact amount of discount is different depending on the specific model and location, and any ODS offering is eligible for all financial incentives, programs and leases that would be applicable to a brand new vehicle.

Customers who have been into the Langley store have likely already seen an example sitting right on the showroom floor and may not have realized.

X1 OpenRoad Demo Special BMW Langley

“While we typically we have every single one of our demos advertised online, along with the mileage and the savings that are currently being offered, they’re clearly displayed here, or out on the patio, so people can come in person to touch and feel,” he said, adding the current inventory consists of 3 Series, 4 Series, X1, X3 and even a few MINIs.

When asked whether there were any downsides to buying an ODS, Abou-Shaaban replied, “Absolutely not. For a little bit of mileage on the car the clients reap the benefits of added savings.”

Posted by Benjamin Yong

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