EV Charging Part 1: Types and Installation Costs

In this 3 part series all about Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, we will explore the different types of EV chargers in BC, how much they are to have installed, the process to get them installed, as well as readily available charging stations if you don’t have the infrastructure to get one installed in your own home.

First, we take a look at the three different levels of EV chargers, ranging from the cheapest and most accessible, to the most expensive and most powerful.




Installation Cost: $0-$2,500 estimated

Level 1 Chargers are the most basic of the charging types. All EVs will come with a portable charging cable that is considered a “Level 1 Charger.” These types of chargers make use of a standard three-pronged outlet which is readily available in all homes and will use a voltage of 110–120-volt AC.

The main advantage of Level 1 Chargers are their accessibility and portability. The outlets are usually readily available (meaning there is no cost to install) or will require only a minimal cost to install if needed. The downside to these types of chargers is the slow recharge times. This isn’t ideal for those who are always on the go and need a fast recharge option for their EVs.




Installation Cost (including charger): $6,000-$20,000 estimated

Level 2 Chargers, also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) are either designed for an individual user or multiple users. There is a wide range of charger types to choose from depending on how powerful you want your charger to be, whether you want to install it indoors or outdoors, if you want it portable, and if you need it to be connected to Wi-Fi.

These types of chargers usually require installation by a professional electrician. Installation for a single-detached home, a townhouse, or an apartment complex is relatively similar to each other. We explore more on what is needed for a Level 2 Charger installation in part 2 of this blog series.




Installation Cost (including charger): $50,000 estimated

There is a 3rd charger type that is more focused on commercial use rather than personal use. These Level 3 Chargers or Charging Stations are enabled to accommodate fast charging (a full charge can only take up to an hour or less).

Due to the amount of power that this type of charger requires, it is most likely that you would not be able to install one in your home as the electrical grid may not support it.


For more information on EVs and chargers, please contact your local OpenRoad dealership. Stay tuned for part 2: the Home Installation Checklist!

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*Installation cost estimates taken from www.metrovancouver.org

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