How To Drive Safely In Rain

Metro Vancouver has been dubbed “Raincouver” by some because of what appears to be large constant amounts of precipitation throughout the year. And Vancouverites know it can be dangerous out there when navigating through the plethora of cars, pedestrians, animals, and more. We have compiled a short and sweet list of precautions to take and drive safely in rain.

  •  Speed – Slow down. It takes longer to stop on wet roads especially with hyroplaning. Wet leaves can cause further slipperiness.
  •  Distance – Maintain at least a 3 second following distance. This way you can avoid using your brakes too much. Keep extra distance behind large trucks and buses as their splashes can create big vision impairments.
  •  Lanes – Stay toward the middle lanes because water tends to puddle in the outside lanes.
  •  Visibility – Turn on your headlights, even in light rain, so others can see you. Make sure your brake lights and tail lights are working so others can see you. In addition, use other cars’ lights to foresee actions on the road.
  •  Wipers & Car Maintenance – Of course, ensure your wipers are in good working condition and your vehicle has been serviced as suggested by your dealership.

Photo: Lisa

Posted by OpenRoad Auto Group

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