Lexus NX luxury crossover joins OpenRoad lineup

A crowd awaits the unveiling of the new Lexus NX at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond. Photos by Mitchell Sayers.

On Oct. 9, OpenRoad Lexus in Richmond dimmed the lights and unveiled their newest compact luxury crossover, the NX200t F Sport.

The compact crossover segment is gaining significant importance in the automotive industry as it combines the usability of a larger SUV, with a nimble driving experience that is easier to park on the crowded city streets.

Set to debut later this year, Jeremy Schaab, general manager at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond, said the NX200t is unique and undoubtedly a very important vehicle for the Japanese company.

“This Lexus captures the luxury aspect of the brand, but offers aggressive styling and performance features throughout the car,” said Schaab.

A couple in attendance, Mr. Shoulten and his wife pictured above, are customers of the brand and he said “This NX is remarkably sporty and stylish. I quite like its sharp angles compared to my RX350.”

The F Sport 200t incorporates a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger that produces 235 horsepower: this isn’t your grandparents’ Lexus.

Dark and colourful lighting at the event created an elegant atmosphere. To keep the mood flowing, a strategically placed DJ played top 40 and pop hits. Guests were fed and hydrated from a combination of quick bites from Cocktails & Canapés Catering as well as a variety of drink options.

The demographic was comprised of an interesting mix of all age groups. This makes sense, as Lexus has traditionally focused mostly on the luxury crowd, but is now redefining itself with the F Sport range aimed at a younger, more performance-orientated market.

Overall impressions of the NX200t were extremely positive — so much so that more than eight customers added their name to the NX presale list by the end of the night.


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