Plan Ahead By Pre-Ordering A New Vehicle

Thinking about a new vehicle soon? This is why it’s important to plan ahead with a pre-order.

Vehicle inventory shortages are happening around the world due to global supply chain disruptions and shipment delays. As this has become an industry-wide challenge, pre-ordering your next vehicle is the best way to secure your desired next vehicle, ensuring access to the model you want, when you need it.


According to the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, automobile vehicle delays in Canada likely won’t subside until some time in 2023. Current wait times for a new vehicle range from several months to over 2 years, depending on the make and model.

So what are the advantages of pre-ordering your next vehicle? By pre-ordering, you not only have the freedom to customize your car, which may not always be available due to limited inventory, but wait times are significantly reduced by being front-of-the-line with a pre-order. Thinking about a new car for post-secondary school later this year? Expecting the arrival of a new family member? More than ever, it’s become important to plan ahead for that next vehicle purchase.


In addition, you’re only paying for features and options you need and want with a pre-ordered vehicle. By selecting from current available inventory, you may find yourself stuck with a less desirable exterior colour or features you don’t need, but have to pay and settle for due to the limited units available out in the market. Conversely, with a pre-order you choose the colour, trim and tech packages, so you’re getting the exact car you want and nothing more.

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Posted by Sophia Cheng

Sophia has been in the communications and public relations field for the past 15 years, specializing in media relations and overall strategy and planning for companies of all sizes. As OpenRoad Auto Group’s Communications Lead, she works closely with the marketing team on a variety of projects, campaigns, and new openings. In the summer, you may find her on a restaurant patio with a glass of wine in-hand and snacks on the table.