Add a Toyota Genuine Dash Camera to your Toyota vehicle

toyota genuine dash camera
Toyota offers a factory option for those looking to add a handy dashcam to their vehicle.

Dashboard cameras are all the rage these days. The little recorders, which are usually mounted on the inside of the windshield or perched atop the rear-view mirror, capture video and audio while driving, or in some cases even when the vehicle is parked for surveillance purposes. They’ve become so popular, in fact, that Toyota has released its own: the Toyota Genuine Dash Camera.

The device is compatible with models like the all-new 2019 Corolla Hatchback and the 2018 RAV4, 2018 Tacoma and 2018 4Runner. Once installed, the dashcam activates as soon as the ignition is turned on, and can also be set to provide surveillance footage at other times as mentioned above. Other features include an audio on/off toggle, and location monitoring. Data may be reviewed and copied to a smartphone or computer using accompanying software.


So you might be asking, “Why would I want one?” Here are just three examples:


Pretty much any trip out of the city in B.C. guarantees spectacular views of nature. It’s hard to fully appreciate sometimes, however, when the mountains and ocean are whizzing past and you’re concentrated behind the wheel. This way, everything is saved for later. A special “Adventure Mode” setting allows up to an hour of a selected video segment to be protected on the SD card instead of looped over.


Want to remember a special conversation or sing-a-long during a car ride? No problem — simply flip the audio switch to on and all in-cabin sounds are recorded as well.

Safety and security

Built-in sensors can detect impact. If such an event happens on the road, associated footage is automatically locked in memory until retrieved. In the case of incidents occurring after the car has been parked, the first 60 seconds immediately following an impact is saved.

Visit OpenRoad Toyota Richmond’s Parts and Accessory Department or Port Moody Parts and Accessory Department for pricing and availability.

Posted by Benjamin Yong

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