Top 10 Summer Accessories You Need for Your Car

This summer, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Long drives can get boring and if you’re spending hours on the road, unexpected events can happen along the way. Why not make your summer trips much safer and more enjoyable with these 10 accessories you can get for your car!


1. Dashcam

Lexus DashcamImage from

Having a dashcam is always a good idea whether you’re going for a long drive or not. Having one installed in your vehicle can give you peace of mind whenever unexpected accidents happen.


2. Tow Hitch

Toyota Tow HitchImage from

Sometimes you want to pack more than what can fit in your car. Whether it’s lugging around a trailer or a boat, having a tow hitch and mount professionally installed allows you to make the most out of your vehicle’s towing capabilities.


3. Folding Table

BMW Folding TableImage from

Passengers can get hungry during long drives and enjoying a meal in your car can be a messy task. Luckily you can install these folding tables that attach to the back of the seats. These can even be used as a small desk!


4. Pet Safety Harness

Audi Pet Safety HarnessImage from

If your furry friends are tagging along for the ride, be sure to keep them safe as well. With a pet safety harness, your pets can safely enjoy the highway breeze while keeping secure in the backseat.


5. Bike Rack

VW Bike RackImage from

Summer weather is cycling weather for most people. If you’re going to be taking your bikes with you, have a bike rack installed on almost any vehicle for convenient transport.


6. Floor Mats

Honda Floor MatsImage from

If you’re out for a beach day or a hike, chances are you’ll be tracking back dirt, mud, and sand. Make the clean-ups easier by putting down some rubber floor mats. These are an affordable add-on to keep your vehicle looking new.


7. Cargo Tray and Net

Mazda Cargo NetImage from

Cargo trays and nets are designed to secure bulkier items from shifting around your vehicle as you drive. Not only does it save your items from being damaged but it prevents the inside of your car from getting scratched up as well.


8. Battery Charger

Audi Battery ChargerImage from

Sometimes your car just won’t start and it’s more stressful when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Be prepared for these types of situations by coming in with a battery charger on hand. You never know when you’re going to need it.


9. Rear-Seat Entertainment

Porsche Rear Seat EntertainmentImage from

When traveling with younger kids, they tend to get a little fussy a few hours in. Why not install some rear-seat entertainment screens to keep them amused during the drive? Put on a movie and all your backseat passengers can just sit back and relax.


10. Wireless Charger

Subaru Wireless ChargerImage from

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen is have your phone battery run out while on the road. It’s even worse if you forget to pack a charging cable. Luckily there are options for most vehicles to have a wireless charging station added in so you’ll never have to worry about your phone again!


To learn more about any of the genuine accessories for your car brand, consult with a parts and accessories expert at any of our OpenRoad dealerships.

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*Accessories listed are available only in select dealerships. Some accessories may not be available in select trims or models. Please contact your OpenRoad accessories advisor for more information on OEM approved genuine accessories.

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