What Happens When I Get My Car Serviced With OpenRoad?

Cameron Ma
When you drop off your car for scheduled maintenance, what exactly happens inside the service bays? We spoke with Service Director Cameron Ma to get some information on what goes on when you get your car serviced with OpenRoad.

Cameron has been with OpenRoad for almost three decades and he is here to share his expertise. In this Q&A, we tackle the importance of car maintenance, what happens at a typical service appointment with OpenRoad, and the advantages of having your car serviced at the right dealership.

Q: What is the advantage of taking your car for service at a dealership compared to other auto mechanics?

A: “All of our dealerships have brand and model-specific training, and have the most up-to-date tools and equipment to service your vehicle correctly. With the emergence of computer-assisted driver safety systems, hybrid electric, and even fully electric vehicles, it would be difficult for the ‘aftermarket’ to keep up with the new service requirements and procedures. Something as simple as a windshield replacement now requires calibration for the onboard safety systems.”

Q: What is the advantage of taking your car for service at an OpenRoad dealership compared to any other dealerships?

A: “Club OpenRoad! Our fantastic owner rewards program is a definite advantage over other dealerships. Not only do our guests earn points (15% of their retail invoice) to use towards the purchase of a New or Pre-Owned vehicle, but just recently we launched the ability to redeem your Club OpenRoad points towards your vehicle service invoice! Prior to the pandemic, we also had ‘member exclusive’ events-track days, outdoor movie nights, member-only early entrance, and cocktail hours for events.”

Service Department

Q: Why do you think customers may be hesitant to take their cars for service at the dealerships?

A: “I think the common misconception on price still exists. This is for the most part not the case with many manufacturers running price comparisons with the aftermarket to show our pricing is competitive. Tire replacement, brake repairs, small maintenance services are always items our teams are constantly monitoring. As stated before, not only are we using factory-approved methods and tools to perform these maintenances and repairs, but we also are using the Original Equipment designed parts-typically the exact same ones that came with your vehicle as new to ensure the vehicle is operating as designed by the engineers. Lower priced, third party parts may not have the exact same operating characteristics as these OEM parts, so reduced performance and longevity may arise.”

Q: How often should a customer have vehicle maintenance done?

A: “Guests should ALWAYS at a minimum follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Depending on each guest’s unique and specific operating conditions, your dealer may recommend other services to ensure their vehicle is maintained and operating at its best.”

Service Department

Q: What happens when a customer does not follow the recommended maintenance?

A: “Premature breakdown is what normally happens when recommended maintenance is not completed, and the manufacturer most likely will NOT cover the repair costs. Our dealerships’ preventative maintenance packages are very cost-effective compared to the potential repair costs that are involved with current, high-technology vehicles. Our guests have spent a lot of their hard-earned cash purchasing these vehicles, we recommend the maintenance to protect and care for their investment.”

Q: What happens at a typical service appointment with OpenRoad?

A: “While each dealership may have its unique steps, most appointments involve booking an appointment either by phone, online, or text message. Once an appointment is made, our guests can arrive at the Service department at the date/time arranged and will be greeted by our friendly staff. Depending on the type of service or repair required, we may only require the guest to wait for the service (including a wash and vacuum) or a drop-off with or without shuttle service (where applicable), or a loaner vehicle may be provided. Our Factory trained technicians then take over and take care of their vehicle, and if we require any further work or repairs, a quote is provided to our guests so there are no surprises upon pickup. Once completed, our wash team takes over to wash /vacuum and disinfect touchpoints, getting the vehicle ready for pickup and presentation to the guest!”

Service Department

Q: How long does a typical service appointment take?

A: “Service appointments can vary depending on what’s required, but expect to leave the vehicle anywhere from 45minutes and up.”

Q: What can a customer do while waiting?

A: “While Covid has limited some of our amenities, guests can still count on a beverage and complimentary Wi-Fi. Certain locations may offer other ‘socially distant’ diversions, and many locations are situated where a nice nature walk is a short distance away.”

Service Department

Q: If a customer is very busy, when can they drop off and pick up their vehicle?

A: “Most dealerships offer 24/7 secure after-hour drop boxes. If loaner vehicles are required, arrangements may be available during operating hours outside of the Service department’s regular hours. Please discuss with your Service advisor or Appointment coordinator during the appointment process these drop-off options.”

Now that you’ve learned all about our service department, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us and get to meet all the friendly faces that make sure your vehicle is always performing at its best!

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