Top 5 Ways to Increase the Range of Your Electric Vehicle 

As electric vehicles increase in popularity and availability, more and more consumers will make the switch from gasoline to electricity. But charging an electric vehicle is not as straightforward as refueling a car with gasoline. We wrote an article on the process of recharging an EV, but the amount of time it takes to replenish the batteries is still one of the biggest deterrents of mass EV adoption. However, just like a gasoline-powered vehicle, there are ways to get the most range out of a single charge.  

1. Keep it Light 

The easiest way to increase the range of your electric vehicle is to make it as light as possible. Less weight means that the motors have less work to do, which then uses up less electricity. Take out any unnecessary equipment out of the trunk. 

2. Proper Maintenance 

While EVs require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts, there are still a few things that you, as an owner, can do to ensure that it is driving in tip top shape. The easiest is to ensure that the tire pressures are correctly set. Underinflated tires induce more drag, which, in turn, uses more energy and reduces the overall driving range.  

Additionally, when it comes time to getting new tires for your EV, get ones that are specifically designed for an electric vehicle. Generally speaking, these tires have less rolling resistance and are designed to cope with the extra weight of an EV. Tires with less rolling resistance can provide a few more kilometers of range. Not sure which tires to choose for your EV? Talk to the team at one of our many OpenRoad EV Service Centres.  

3. Climate Use 

A big impact of an electric vehicle’s driving range is the climate control use. The air conditioning pump and heater element draw a lot of power from the battery. Limiting their use can add more kilometres to the overall range.  

Most new EVs use a heat pump. This device is more efficient at providing cabin heating or cooling, but it still has a small impact on energy usage. 

4. Driving Style 

Arguably, the biggest impact on driving range and electricity usage is your driving style. If you accelerate quickly from a stop, or brake really hard, this aggressive driving style can shave up to 50 km, or more, from the overall driving range.  

Smooth driving is key. Gently accelerate from a stop, maintain a consistent speed without too many accelerator & brake pedal applications, and slow down gradually to recoup some energy through regenerative braking.  

Regenerative braking (or regen braking as it is sometimes referred to) utilizes the vehicle’s momentum to partially recharge the battery. As the vehicle slows down, the electric motors become generators and harness the energy back into the battery.  

5. Smooth Aerodynamics 

Electric vehicles are designed with efficiency in mind. This is why a lot of them look very different from traditional gasoline vehicles. Their shape is streamlined to cut a smooth line through the air. But, adding roof racks and roof boxes disrupts this smooth air flow and creates drag, which then reduces the driving range. So, if you are not using the roof box or the roof rails, take them off to get the best aerodynamics.  

Hopefully with these tips, you can get a little bit more driving range from your electric vehicle.  

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